A conversation with your Breath

Andrea Vanini Breath
Andrea Vanini Breath

In this 90 minutes online journey with Andrea you will initiate a conversation with your own Breath, in order to get to know yourselves in a deeply intimate way.

Following a self-inquiry-based practice, Andrea will share breaths and movements tools in order to integrate a wider understanding of the breathing function and to explore and experience where the breath/Prana flows and where it’s restricted. You will apply then these tools to release tensions and let the Prana flow more freely.

Category: GROWTH – Yoga

Andrea offers those two beautiful 90 minutes breathwork sessions as a part of the “JA! – ein Festival der Lebensfreude”. Contact her directly via info@corpogiardino.ch to get your zoom Link.

  • Price per session:
  • CHF 18
  • Euro 15
  • Way of payment:
  • Switzerland – TWINT
  • Europe – Transferwise 

Meet your Breath with Andrea!

Saturday 11/07 morning 10:30 – 12:00

Sunday 12/07 evening 18:00 – 19:30

About Andrea Vannini

Andrea Vanini Yogateacher

Find Andrea via Instagram or in Chur, GR

Andrea Vannini is 500+ HR Yoga Facilitator, founder of Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices, a freshly new Yoga Company in Switzerland. Her Yoga Journey began in 2012 when she was recovering from a burn out, and since her first class Andrea felt such a strong pull towards the Yoga Path that she decided to committed her life and professional journey to that. 

Andrea’s purpose to be a Yoga Facilitator is to create a safe, nourishing, supportive and stimulating environment, in order to share tools, balancing between being respectful and humble towards the Yoga tradition but also at the same time open to integrate a modern and progressive interpretation of that.

With the Yoga tools we can learn how to daily engage and participate skillfully with the events of Life.


Corpo Giardino

Veröffentlicht von Lisa Delikaris-Monn

Meine Vision ist es, so viele Menschen wie möglich zu inspirieren - trotz schweren Zeiten im Leben - Kraft und Vertrauen zu haben, all ihre Ziele zu erreichen und das Leben voller Gesundheit auf allen Ebenen zu geniessen.

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