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O N L I N E   Y O G A

You don`t feel like going to the studio now that you are used to practice in the comfort of your own home?

This can stay that way: come and practice with me in my weekly held yoga classes streamed over Zoom. Once in the morning and once in the evening – so everyone gets the chance to join at her/his favourite time of the day.

We practice strengthening vinyasa flows, grounding yin classes and my own personal style of the practice called `movement flow`.

All the dates will be published soon – keep in touch with Olivia!

I love most about yoga that the practice itselfe is so flexible. It allowed me to create my own style based on past teachers and experiences throughout the years.

Olivia Bösch, Yoga Teacher and founer of Mindful Movement
Olivia Live

A S A N A   –   L A B

Besides that I teach „Asana-Lab“ twice in July.  A 30 minute long, continuous mini training series where we talk & practice asanas (yoga poses) I use in most of my classes.

Together we will develope an understanding of how each pose may look and feel for your needs and what alternatives might suit you. The deeper you understand how the poses work, the better equipped you will be to flow safely through future yoga classes.

Sign up directly on my webpage or contact me via Mail or Instagram DM to get more infos about my offerings.

All the dates will be published soon – keep in touch with Olivia!

Olivia Online Yoga

Get in touch with Olivia via Mail, find her on her Website and on Instagram.

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Meine Vision ist es, so viele Menschen wie möglich zu inspirieren - trotz schweren Zeiten im Leben - Kraft und Vertrauen zu haben, all ihre Ziele zu erreichen und das Leben voller Gesundheit auf allen Ebenen zu geniessen.

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