It was a sunny autumn day in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. I had an internship in a rehab and went to a physio to work on my scar and my mimic. My physio asked me one day: „Do you see a deeper meaning behind your accident?“ I was not ready for this question and didn’t had an answer.. Today I know more.

I want to inspire as many people as possible to reach all of their goals and reach the best version of themselves – no matter how hard life may be sometimes.

In life we all face hard times. We can not change how the situation is.. But we can decide how we react on it! Sometimes it’s needed to truly live the hard times, to cry to be down. But then, what do we do with this situation? We can not change the situation. We can not go back and change the past. We can not jump into the future. We have to live. To live here and now. By truly accepting how it is, how it is right now, we can clearly have an overview of where we are and build a vision of where we want to go – we can create our future. That’s called manifesting. Enjoy every step of your path 💕

I really had a hard time two and a half years ago. My path was filled with a lot of pain, many tears and fears, „mimimi“ moments but also with a lot of reflection in my journal, good times with friends & family, training, yoga and trust on the journey.

I chose to accept my new appearance. I chose to be happy. I chose to surround myself with positivity. I chose to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. I chose to go within myself and shine from there. I chose yoga. I chose to continue running, cycling and doing triathlon. I chose to fully live. I chose to inspire others with my story.

The daily mail – a newspaper from the UK posted this beautiful atricle about myself.
So beautiful that was I given the opportunity to spread my message further.

I hope to also inspire you!
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With Love


Check out the article here.

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Kennst du dieses Gefühl? Der Kopf will alles, doch die Energie zieht die Handbremse? Es braucht Mut, aus dem Tatendrang heraus diese Handbremse zuzulassen und sich eine Pause zu gönnen. Lies in diesem Beitrag was Dir helfen kann, in Situationen der Überforderung gelassen zu bleiben und auch diese Zeit der Ruhe gekonnt zu meistern.

Guerilla Yoga Luzern

Guerilla Yoga wird in mehreren Städten der Schweiz durchgeführt, in Luzern diesen Sommer zum sechsten Mal. Die Stadt wird zu unserer Matte, wir praktizieren draussen im urbanen Kontext.

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